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Our Program caters for:

Tiny Tots Ballet & Jazz/Dance/Tap – designed specifically for children up to 5 years to develop coordination, learn to dance to music, develop rhythm and timing and a sense of musicality. Our 30/45 minute sessions can include incorporation of  dancing with props musical instruments as well as learning to stretch and use their muscles in a coordinated fashion to enhance flexibility and overall well-being through participation of in the arts.

Ballet-caters for combined ages this class provides an opportunity to learn ballet technique, good posture, strength, flexibility, and grace. It’s an excellent way to develop confidence, fitness, creativity and self-expression to classical music. Incorporation of National Character work in Primary up to Grade 8. Beneficial companion to other dance styles to better posture & technique. Studio incorporates the RAD Syllabus and offer examinations.  

Jazz/Dance – caters to combined ages designed for young people to enhance movement and coordination to increase fitness and well-being. Dance works through more structured movements to create dance pieces and to develop skills in performance and expression. Styles covered are Funk, Hip hop, Jazz and Musical Theatre. This class has an emphasis on core stability, fitness, flexibility, self-expression and building confidence in one’s own abilities is a key component of the over-all program to funky up beat music.

Tap – catering to combined ages, this class focuses on tap dancing.  Structured exercises, movements and combinations of Broadway and Rhythm tap and which will become increasingly more complex, encourage children to develop musicality and percussion skills using their bodies, tap shoes and the natural movement of music.  This program is an excellent complimentary program to any ‘Dance class’ developing rhythm, style and sound building flexibility within the ankles and knees, coordination and speed of movement. Studio incorporates a variety of tap syllabus.



Contemporary-a unique modern and collaborative dance style fusing together ballet slow modern and jazz techniques consisting of floor work, jumps, turns stretching and developing contemporary technique. Styles included neo classical, contemporary and lyrical which teach children to make a connection to both the music and choreography.Students will need to participate in Ballet class to join this class.


Acrodance- acrobatics class based on the Acrobatique & Acrobatic Arts syllabus used specifically for dancers. It is a genre of dance which incorporates elements of gymnastics, jazz, balancing, tumbling, and basic contortion. Students learn Acrobatic tricks such as handstands, cartwheels, chest stands, elbow stands, walkovers, side and front aerials and tumbling. Trick movements are usually executed slowly to emphasize gracefulness & body lines. Students Must do Ballet to join this class. Please see class availability on timetable as some classes are full.

HIP HOP- Birthed from the streets of New York as social dance to bring people together through music. It originates from park and block parties within the African American culture and is now an international dance style which consists break dance, popping, locking, wacking, house dance, dance hall, grooves/freestyle and urban choreography. Hip hop also includes graffiti, rap/MC, and DJing. This dance style is inspired by music and unique as it can be learnt and enjoyed at all.


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