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All students can purchase BBS studio uniform for dance wear which can be ordered from the studio and correct shoes (Ballet, Tap, Contemporary & Jazz shoes) Other Fuschia Pink or Black leotards can be purchased from or any other dance store  (previous dance attire or firm fitting clothes also can be worn for interim period). Teeny & Tiny Tots can wear attire from Best & Less or Target,; but will require proper dance shoes from ‘Glitz and Splitz’ Mitre10, Bloch, Energetiks, Capezio other Dance brand shops. has good deals on tights/stockings 3pk, Leotard packs, look for studio tab Bella Body & Soul for uniform options

Uniforms are designed to allow freedom of movement and to create a sense of unity and purpose within the class while maintaining a professional standard in the studio. It rules out competiveness between peers and enables everyone to be equal. Classes have an allocated uniform & footwear. All students have one term (interim period) from time of enrolment to purchase the studio uniform or when the next order is being placed. After this, all students are to wear the allocated uniform and shoes.


Hair accessories for a bun type hair style pins, hair nets etc are also available or alternatively can be purchased from pharmacies and various stores.  

Hair Preferably a slick bun for girls, always need neat & tidy off their faces. Hair net, French pins, hairgel, water spray, hairspray, brush and a comb will achieve a neat slick bun.


Ballet Studio Leotard to be ordered from studio. Black/Fushia/Mulberry Crossover can be worn in the cooler months, pink tights/stockings (convertible if doing Acrodance) to be worn with Pink ballet shoes only younger students (Tiny Tots ) can wear ballet ankle socks or , (skirt can be worn by younger students).

Girls hair must be in a slick Bun, Neat tidy, off face, no fringe.


Boys white shirt/singlet (tight fitting),Black shorts/tights & Black ballet shoes. 

Contemporary Studio Leotard and shorts with no bare legs, Tan unfooted tights/convertible stockings, dark coloured socks, Turning shoes  (foot thongs/undies may be worn at times).Black leggings & crossover can be worn in the cooler months. Girls hair must be in a neat slick Bun.

Boys white shirt/singlet (tight fitting), Black shorts.

Acrodance  Studio leotard with shorts, no bare legs (convertible or footless stockings to be worn under shorts). Black leggings & crossover can be worn in the cooler months. Girls hair to be in a neat flat bun and must be off their face no fringe.










Boys white shirt/singlet (tight fitting) & Black shorts.



Tap it is suggested students wear tap shoes for lessons but are welcome to wear school shoes in the interim period before purchasing tap shoes.

Either a leotard with shorts or the singlet & shorts, no bare legs, Tan tap shoes for TinyTots & Junior & Teen Tap  Black tap shoes can have lace up taps see boys or adult image. Black leggings in cooler months. Tan stockings (convertible or footed) pink can be worn if doing ballet. Girls hair must be in a Bun

Boys Studio singlet or Tshirt or white shirt/singlet (tight fitting) Black shorts & Black tap shoes.








Dance studio leotard and shorts or a combination of either Tan (convertible or footed) or (pink be worn if doing ballet as well on same day- no bare legs. Tan Jazz shoes for Tinytots  & Juniors to be purchased for this class except for Teen Dance Black Jazz will be required for Showcase . Black leggings can be worn in cooler months. Girls hair must be in a Bun or Ponytail


Dance  Studio siglet/tshirt or white shirt/singlet (tight fitting) Black shorts & Black Jazz shoes.

Interim period; rabens,sneakers, hightops etc. 

HIPHOP (Boys Junior/Teens & Adults) Casual attire, free choice (studio singlet/tank can be purchased girls will required a crop to be worn underneath tank) Footwear hightops, skate shoes,

converse, sneakers/runners etc

(not jazz shoes NO BARE FEET or Hats)     




Adults - firm fitting gym attire (studio singlet & shorts/tights can be ordered from studio), towel required for all classes


Tap Fit - purchase Black Lace up  Tap shoes.

Barre Attack -Barre socks to be worn.

PoleFit singlet, short shorts,(no moisturisers except for pole physics)

bring grip aid  (Itac2/dry hands/mighty grip etc.)water & towel to be brought to every class

shoes: bring running shoes (heels OPTIONAL) .

Merchandise: Barre socks ,  Itac2, Pole Physics moisturiser and water available to purchase  & order Studio uniform attire. Some second shoes can be purchased at studio on occasions.

Younique skincare & cosmetics available to order and view at studio or at




You will be required to purchase water at studio if you do not bring some to class.

Variety of Younique Products to view Test and Try

Gluten & Vegan free products

Cruelty free

Natural & Hypoallergenic


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